09:00 AMWelcome & Keynotes Ajeet Singh Raina, Bangalore
09:15 AMBest Practices to follow for smooth transition from on premises to k8sPrajakta Tendulkar, Pune
09:55 AMOrchestrate Application deployment using Helm & TerraformSagar Jadhav, Pune
10:35 AMIt’s all about Kubernetes, CKA, CKADApurva Bhandari, Pune
11:15 AMTekton - Kubernetes Native CI/CDVikas Kumar
Sydney, Australia
11:55 AMMicroservice Monitoring Anomaly Detection with Auto MLHrushikesh Kulkarni, Pune
12:35 PM12 ways not to get hacked by your Kubernetes Cluster !!Suman Chakraborty, Bangalore
01:05 PMHappy Helming With OktetoSangam Biradar, Banglore
01:45 PMKnative ServerlessArunvel Arunachalam, Pune
02:25 PMYour own Kubernetes Operator: Not Only in GoNicolas Frankel, Geneva
03:05 PMThe Tale of Two Engineers and KubernetesStephen Raghunath, New York
03:45 PMMangle - Molding Applications for ResilienceAvinash Shrimali,

More Speakers Are In Queue We Will Update List Soon And Time Slot May Be Change.