This year, OSCONF will be an online virtual event on May 16th from 9am to 4:30pm IST.  We would like to invite you to submit your session and workshop ideas for this online virtual Conference. The conference offers a broad range of topics, which you can find below.


  • What’s New in Kubernetes Releases?
  • Kubernetes Best Practices
  • Docker Developer workflows (CI/CD)
  • Kubetools
  • Use Case: Setting up your local dev environment: Tips and Tricks
  • Use Case: How to onboard new developers – best practices 
  • Use Case: Containerizing your microservices
  • Use Case: Containerizing legacy apps
  • Use Case: Using Docker to deploy machine learning models
  • Unique use cases and cool apps
  • Technical deep dives 
  • Community Stories
  • Open Source

The deadline for submissions is May 11, 2020. So you’ve got a couple of days to finalize your ideas.

Here’s a link to submit your CFP

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